Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UiTM Young Lecturer's Scheme (Biasiswa Tenaga Pengajar Muda UiTM)

I am personally salute this scheme that really help those great students to pursue their study in both Master and Phd Level especially those who really cannot afford to burden of the expensive school fees nowadays. This scheme is offered by none other than Universiti Teknologi MARA. It is open to everyone who really into lecturing world but of course, there are some requirements before you can apply. You can pursue your study in Malaysia or overseas based on the availability of the courses that you apply but still, UiTM will decide it. Normally this scheme open for application at the end of year so better be alert to the newspaper advertisement or just visit their official website. After your study, you have to undergo about 6 months training (from what i heard) before you will be offered a lecturer post at any UiTM branches around Malaysia based on the courses availability.

TPM 2010/2011 just closed last December 2009 and most of the shortlisted candidates were gone for interview. There were hundreds of applicants every year but the quota very limited. So, will see who is lucky! But never give up, it is open every year so you can always try....All the best!! Stay alert to TPM 2011/2012 okay. Bravo UiTM!


  1. Hey guys...I just got latest news that this TPM scheme will be freezing starting this year. this means that there will be no offer from UITM regarding this sad...I'm waiting for TPM a few months, but what i got back is the bad news.. :(

  2. TPM will be freezing? is it true? where u got the news, if u don't mind sharing with us?

  3. Sorry for late reply, i have forgotten my password, now then can retrieved.

    Yup, i also got it! Yeah!!